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Elevate Your B2B eCommerce Experience

A Recent Study By Forrester Research Found That B2B Sellers That Use A Unified Solution Have A Greater Level Of Online Selling Success Than Those That Do Not. 

Results Of Their Findings Include;

  • 46% Higher Upsell / Cross Sell
  • Real-Time Orders Allows You To Ship Faster
  • Higher Profitability Per Customer
  • Higher Levels Of Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher Levels Of Customer Adoption
  • Faster Delivery Performance

Provide Customers A Centralized View Of Their Transactions

The Centralization Of Customer Data Is Especially Important For B2B eCommerce Since Customers May Interact With Your Company / Brand Across Many Different Sales Platforms (I.E. Phone, Ecommerce, Tradeshow, Showroom, Outside Sales Reps). 

A Unified Approach Allows Your Customers To View All Historical Data Online – No Matter The Original Order Source.

  • Provide Buyers With a 360 View Of Their Account
  • Allow Buyers To View, Modify, And Repeat Orders
  • Allow Buyers To View And Modify Billing / Shipping Addresses
  • Allow Buyers To View Open Invoices And Make Online Payments
  • Higher Levels Of Customer Adoption
  • Allow Buyers To Use Apply Open Credits During Checkout

Provide Buyers A Centralized View Of Your Inventory

eCommerce Adoption Requires Your Buyers To Have A High Level Of Trust In Your Website And The Information It Provides. Nothing Will Damage A Buyers Confidence In Your Company / Brand More Than Taking An Online Order For A “In Stock” Product, Only To Notify The Buyer Later That The Product Is Not Actually In Stock. With Connected Business Your Inventory Information Is Displayed In Real-Time Giving Your Buyers 100% Accurate Inventory Data At All Times.

  • 100% Accurate, Real-Time Inventory Stock Information
  • One Product Catalog To Create And Maintain
  • One Product Price List To Create And Maintain
  • One Product Promotions / Coupons To Setup And Maintain
  • Centralize Product Substitutes And Accessories

Provide Buyers With A Centralized View Of Your Supply Chain

Unlike A Standalone eCommerce Cart, Connected Business Has Visibility Into Incoming Stock You Have On Purchase. 

This Allows You To Show A “Buy Today And We Will Ship It On XX/XX/XXXX” Message On Your Website Instead Of A Sales Killing “Out Of Stock” Messages. 

As Orders Are Placed, They Are Reserved Against Your Incoming Purchases Then Automatically Allocated For Shipment Once Received.

  • Display Product Availability Based On Current And Incoming Stock
  • Automatically Reserve Stock From Next Available Incoming Purchase
  • Increase Sales Of Out Of Stock Items
  • Analyze Sales Of Incoming Purchases To Better Predict Demand

Provide B2B Buyers With Consistent Pricing Across Sales Channels

Today’s Buyers Expect Consistent Pricing Across The Sales Channels They Buy From You. 

Unfortunately, Successful B2B Pricing Rules Can Be Complex. For Example, In B2B The Same Product Is Usually Available At Different Prices For Different Customers Depending On Customer Type, Order Quantity, Purchase Commitments, Payment Terms, And More. 

Trying To Synchronize These Price Rules Across Different Solutions Is At Best Complex And At Worst, Impossible. 

Because Connected Business Is Fully Unified, You Can Offer A Consistent Set Of Pricing Rules To Your Customers Across Sales Channels.

  • Today’s Buyers Expect Consistent Pricing Across Sales Channels
  • Upsell Buyers With Accessory Products
  • Supports All Pricing Rules Across All Direct Sales Channels

Centralize Customer Credit Terms / Credit Card Information

Connected Business allows you to centralize all of your terms credit and credit card management into one solution. 

Optionally add credit management into your order fulfillment workflow so that customer credit can be checked prior to shipment. 

Use the connected gateway to securely store credit cards. 

Credit card numbers will be safely stored in a pci compliant data center, and a unique token will be stored in Connected Business allowing our gateway to access saved credit cards at the time of the sale.

Being PCI Compliant Has Never Been Easier.

  • Centralize Credit Terms Across All Direct Sales Channels
  • Share Saved Credit Cards Across All Direct Sales Channels
  • 100% PCI Compliant
  • Share Saved Credit Cards Across Workflows And Channels.

For example, authorize a credit card when taking an online order and automatically convert to a charge when invoicing.

Support / Manage Multiple Logins Per Account

B2B ecommerce requires the ability for multiple buyers to login to one shared corporate account, each using their own unique username and password. 

 In fact, many companies prohibit their buyers from buying online with a shared username and password. 

This is where many B2C cart solutions fail to meet the needs of B2B ecommerce. 

With Connected Business your customers can create a login account for each of their buyers. 

As orders are placed online, the name of the buyer is added to the order in case you need to contact the buyer.

  • Allow Each Buyer In A Organization To Have Their Own Unique Login
  • Keep Track Of The Buyer On The Order
  • Custom Tailor Marketing Campaigns Based On Individual Buyer History

Support For Buyer Specific Catalogs

Many larger organizations limit their buyers to specific categories of items. For example, separate buyers for man and women clothing. 

With Connected Business you are able to create an unlimited number of “buyer catalogs” allowing you to filter product categories / products and assign those to specific buyers within an organization. 

As these buyers' login, your website will only display the products they are authorized to buy.

  • Limit Each Buyer In A Organization To View / Purchase Approved Product Categories On Login.
  • Custom Tailor Marketing Campaigns Based On Individual Buyer Authority.

Support For Sales Rep / Affiliate Commissions

Connected Business allows you to create a unique url for each of your sales reps and affiliate partners. 

As buyers enter your site from the link, a cookie is placed on their computer with the id of the sales rep / affiliate. 

When the customer orders, the sales rep / affiliate is added to the order based on the commission rules you have defined.

  • Allow Internal and External Sales Representatives To Earn Commission On Sales Across Channels
  • Consistent Commission Rules Across Sales Channels
  • Easily Calculate And Pay Commissions Across Sales Channels

Support For Online Sales Quotes

Connected Business allows your buyer to create online quotations for your approval. Once approved you can convert to a sales order with just a single click.

  • Allow B2B Buyers To View / Enter Sales Quotations Online For Approval
  • Allow Internal Sales Teams To Update, Accept Or Reject Sales Quotations
  • Easily Convert Sales Quotations To Sales Orders


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Yes and no. If your business is primarily business to consumer (B2C), you do not sell a consumable, and manufacture all your own products, we might be able to come up with a plan that works within your exiting technology stack. However, if your business has some elements of business to business (B2B) and a complex supply chain, then our technology stack is probably better suited for long-term success. Best bet it for us to understand your needs and come up with a winning strategy.
All the most popular cart solutions do a fantastic job of what their intended purpose is – get the product in the cart. Our shopping cart goes beyond that by factoring in fulfillment, shipping, supply chain, purchasing and more. It also is far superior for B2B transactions as it supports complex business rules across sales channels and internal departments. Discover why the most popular carts only average tens of thousands of in sales each year while our shopping cart average is in the millions…
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