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Forrester Research Found That Unified ECommerce Solutions Produce Higher Sales, Better Customer Acquisition, Greater Upsell / Cross Sell, Greater Customer Profitability, And Lower Costs As Compared To Using Multiple Standalone Systems...

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Discover The Fully Unified eCommerce Difference

With Connected Business The ERP And eCommerce Are Fully Unified Using A Common Database And Business Logic. 

As Things Change In The ERP, The eCommerce Changes As Well – And Vice Versa. Best of all, this happens in real-time. No messy uploading or downloading of data. 

This Allows You To Provide Your Customers With Accurate, Real-Time Data Across All Of Your Internal Sales Channels. 

Ditch The Messy “Connectors” Stand Alone eCommerce Solutions Require And Give Your Buyers A Better Buying Experience With Real-Time Data They Can Trust.

  • Real-Time Stock Availability Across All Internal Sales Channels
  • Real-Time Orders Allows You To Ship Faster
  • No Errors Caused By The Uploading / Downloading Of Data
  • Automatically Share Promotions / Coupons Across Sales Channels
  • Display Customer Purchases Across All Sales Channels.

Everything Real-Time. Earn Your Buyers Trust.

Nothing Will Damage A Buyers Confidence In Your Company / Brand More Than Taking An Online Order For A “In Stock” Product, Only To Notify The Buyer Later That The Product Is Not Actually In Stock. 

Unlike Solutions That Periodically Synchronize Inventory Quantities, Connected Business Always Displays Your Exact Inventory Quantities At The Time Of The Sale And Rechecks It Again When The Order Is Submitted.

Connected Business Ensures That Your Buyers Have A Positive Experience With Your Company / Brand That Will Drive Repeat Business And Positive, Five-Star Reviews.

Run Multiple Web Stores From One Source Of Truth

Need to sell across multiple websites? No problem, Connected Business makes it easy. 

With Connected Business you can setup as many websites as you need - each with their own branding, pricing, products etc.

  • Shared Or Unique Products Per Website
  • Custom Pricing Per Website
  • Custom Branding Per Website (Emails, Shipping Labels, etc)
  • Setup Different Payment / Shipping Terms By Website

Give Buyers A Consistent Shopping Experience Across All Internal Sales Channels

Today’s Buyers Expect A Consistent Shopping Experience Between Sales Channels. 

A Recent Survey Found That 75% Percent Of Buyers Expect A Consistent Experiences Across Multiple Channels (Web, Mobile, In-Person, Social), And That 73% Are Open To Discovering New Suppliers / Brands If They Don’t Get It.

As eCommerce Sales Continues To Increase, Providing Buyers With A Consistent Shopping Experience Is Important To Not Only Buyers, But Also To Sellers Who Must Provide This Service To Remain Competitive.

  • Consistent Pricing Across Sales Channels (Including Negotiated Pricing)
  • Consistent Promotions / Coupons Across Sales Channels
  • Consistent Inventory Availability Across Sales Channels
  • Ability To View Sale History In Customer Web Portal Across All Sales Channels

Upsell And Increase Your Average eCommerce Order Size

Connected Business Includes Upsell Tools To Help Suggest Alternatives On Out Of Stock Products As Well As Accessories To Products That A Buyer Has Purchased, Or Is Considering Purchasing. 

Furthermore, Connected Business Includes A Powerful “People Who Have Bought This, Have Also Bought That” Feature That Shows Suggested Products Based On Buying Patterns. 

Since Connected Business Is Analyzing The Buying Patters Across All Of Your Sales Channels, It Can More Accurately Make The Right Suggestion.

  • Direct Buyers Into In-Stock Products
  • Upsell Buyers With Accessory Products
  • Upsell Buyers With Complimentary Products

Support For Multiple Languages

Connected Business Supports Multiple Language In The Categories, Departments, Products, Topic Pages, As Well As In The System Defined “Front End” Text. 

This Is Accomplished By Modifying The Ecommerce Modules String Resource Files. 

You Can Also Use This Feature To Modify The Values That The Website Shows According To Your Exact Requirements.

  • Add Languages To Your Website As Needed
  • Allow Users To Change Languages "On The Fly"
  • Modify Existing "Front End" System Labels Bu Modifying The String Resource Files

Support For Multiple Locations

Connected Business Includes Support For Companies With More Than One Location. 

Whether You Are A Distribution / Ecommerce Company With Various Distribution Warehouses, A Retail Store With Multiple Store Locations, Or A Mix Of The Two, Connected Business Has You Covered.

  • Stock Availability Per Location
  • Buy Online / Pickup At The Warehouse
  • Buy Online / Pickup At The Store
  • Fully Integrated With Connected Sale (POS) With In Screen Order Notifications
  • Can Be Setup To Notify Buyers When Ready For Pickup

Built In Live Chat / Live Support

Connected Business Includes A Powerful Live Chat Module That Is Integrated With The Rest Of The Connected Business Solution. 

The Live Chat Module Allows You To Communicate And Provide Assistance To Your Customers As They Show. 

Our Live Chat Module Works Together With Our Live Help Feature Which Allows You To Add And Remove Items To Your Customers Shopping Cart. 

With Live Chat And Live Support, You Can Be There When Your Customers Place An Order Through Your Online Store, Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment And Improving Your Customer Service.

  • Chat With Your eCommerce Shoppers
  • View Active Shoppers On Your Website
  • Add And Remove Items From A Shoppers Cart

Over 375 Application Configuration Options

To Help You Fine Tune Your Website To Your Exact Needs, Connected Business Includes Over 375 Web Configuration Options To Help You Configure The Store As You Want It. 

Configuration Options Are On A "Web Store" Basis Allowing You To Setup Each Of Your Websites Differently. 

Commonly Used Configuration Options Are Broken Out For Fast Setup.

  • Easily Setup Your Webstore Based On Your Unique Needs
  • Options Can Be Set "Per Store" Allowing you To Have Websites With Different Options

Support For Google Maps / Addresses

Connected Business Works With Google Maps To Automate The Mapping Of Pickup, Store, Or Customers Locations To Your Website. 

Connected Business Also Use Google Maps When A Customer Is Requesting Store Pickup “Click And Collect” To Ensure That They Are Choosing The Right Location. Customers Can Request Directions – Right From Your Website. 

Connected Business Also Supports Google Address Autocomplete Which Improves The Checkout Experience By Making It Easier And Faster. 

When Customers Enter The Checkout And Start Entering The First Few Characters Of Their Address, Google Address Will Instantly Provide A List Of Potential Matching Addresses. Customers Selects Their Address And The Rest Of The Fields Will Be Automatically Filled.

Address Correction / Real-Time Freight

Connected Business Allows You To Connect With The Leading Common Carriers (UPS, Fedex, USPS, USPS Endicia) So That You Can Display Accurate Real-Time Shipping Rates On Your Website. 

Reduce Your Costs On Shipping Errors From Online Orders With The Address Verification Feature. 

When Your Customers Create Their Account Or Place Orders, This Feature Compares And Validates The Entered Address Directly With Your Shipping Carriers' Databases. 

This Eliminates Incorrect Deliveries Due To Bad Addresses As Well As Carrier Address Correction Fees.

Works With TaxJar For Accurate Sales Tax Calculation, Reporting, And Compliance

Connected Business Includes "Best In Class" Sales And Vat Tax Calculation. Designed To Meet The Needs For Companies Worldwide, The Connected Business Sales Tax Engine Allows You To Create An Unlimited Number Of Sales Tax Schemes And Groups. 

 U.S. Customers Should Check Out Our Sales Tax Compliance Page To Learn About Our Partnership With Taxjar. 

If You Choose Taxjar As Your Sales Tax Calculation Engine You Are Ensured Always Accurate Sales Tax Calculations.

  • Support For Complex Sales Tax Requirements
  • Line Item Based Sales Taxes
  • Support for Special Taxation Rules (i.e. Tax Holidays)
  • Support for TaxJar Calculations And Reporting

Allow Your Customers To Initiate Returns From Your Website

The Connected Business Ecommerce Module Has An Option To Allow Customers To Initiate Returns (RMA) Online Based On Your Return Rules.

 During The Process, The Customer Can Identify Which Items They Want To Return, The Action They Want You To Take, As Well As Any Notes They Want To Pass On. 

These Requests Will Be Automatically Entered Into Connected Business As A Return Request (RMA). 

Once You Have Received The Customers Return, You Can Easily Provide The Customer With Store Credit Or A Refund Back To The Card They Purchased It With, Or Other Payment Method.

Easy To Customize With Available Source Code

The Connected Business eCommerce Module Is Designed With Flexibility In Mind. It Uses The Twitter Bootstrap 4 Client-Side Framework For Responsive Web Viewing On Desktop, Tablet And Mobile Devices. Customizations Can Be Made Within Our Templates, Content Builder, Design Packages And The Available ASP.NET Source Code. This Ensures That No Matter What Your Need May Be, The Connected Business eCommerce Shopping Cart Can Be Modified To Meet Your Needs.

  • Powerful, Token Driven, Skin Template Engine
  • Powerful "Drag And Drop" Web Page Designer
  • Customizable "Design Packages" Allows You To Mix Custom Code And Design

Connectors To Other Shopping Cart Systems

Not Ready To Move Your Shopping Cart To Connected Business Just Yet? 

No Problem, Connected Business Supports Many Of The Leading Shopping Cart Solutions Through Third Party Connectors. 

This Allows You To Easily Download Your Orders And Once Fulfilled, Return Back With The Shipping Date And Tracking Number. 

Connected Business Can Even Update Your Stock Availability Throughout The Day!


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Yes and no. If your business is primarily business to consumer (B2C), you do not sell a consumable, and manufacture all your own products, we might be able to come up with a plan that works within your exiting technology stack. However, if your business has some elements of business to business (B2B) and a complex supply chain, then our technology stack is probably better suited for long-term success. Best bet it for us to understand your needs and come up with a winning strategy.
All the most popular cart solutions do a fantastic job of what their intended purpose is – get the product in the cart. Our shopping cart goes beyond that by factoring in fulfillment, shipping, supply chain, purchasing and more. It also is far superior for B2B transactions as it supports complex business rules across sales channels and internal departments. Discover why the most popular carts only average tens of thousands of in sales each year while our shopping cart average is in the millions…
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