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When It’s Done Right, Email Marketing Is One Of The Most Cost-Effective And Conversion-Rich Marketing Methods...

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Email Design And Coding

We design emails that communicate your brand’s message in the simplest and clearest way possible. 

Every email we create is not only designed to be visually stunning, but also include complex code to ensure that it looks great in all the major email clients your customers might use. 

This ensures that your brand will make a positive impression on your existing customers as well as any potential leads they might send along. 

From strategy to design, we can help you optimize your email marketing campaign’s content and call-to-action to drive higher rates for both open rates as well as click-through rates.

"38% Of All eCommerce Sales Were First Seen, Or Learned About, In A Marketing Email"

Email Programming

We offer email programming allowing you to send dynamic emails based on your customer's parameters and conditions. 

Want to create a dynamic email based on the latest data in an RSS feed? No problem, we have you covered. 

In fact, we have a number of professional services for you – for example we can help you create an email with dynamic content based on specific conditions or select customer needs if that's what you prefer. 

Some of our services include creating very custom emails that are sensitive to your brand's values. 

We want to let you know that as an e-commerce company, your customers will surely benefit from receiving these highly interactive marketing mails - made possible by the help of our decade long expertise in this area!

Email Personalization

There is no more powerful form of personalization than targeted emails based on your customers previous interactions with your brand. 

That is exactly what Entice can do for you. 

We will build next-level email campaigns that capitalize on information available in your ERP and eCommerce platforms, like where a user was in the buyer's journey when they experienced a potential converting interaction with your brand and products. 

These high impact email campaigns are key to helping you stay one step ahead of your competitors and growing sales.

Email Segmentation

There's no longer any need to send the same message to your entire customer database. 

You can now be a lot more targeted when sending out your emails! Email segmentation enables you to divide your customers up according to their common characteristics. 

For example, you can choose to divide them into groups depending on their location, interests, viewing history, and purchase history among other variables! 

If fact, HubSpot has recently released a study in which businesses employing this method saw increases of 760% in revenue!

"Email Marketing Has A Return On Investment (ROI) Of $36 For Every $1 Spent"

Email / Activity Tracking

Entice allows you to record the behavior of anonymous website visitors so you will have their historic tracking information once they are converted into leads. 

For known contacts, tracking allows you to get a better understanding on how visitors interact with your website, the products they view, and the frequency that they visit you. This data can be used to trigger personalized Marketing Automation campaigns to drive new sales. 

Email / Activity tracking is crucial in the B2B sales cycle as well. With Entice, your sales team not only has all contact information, but also visibility into how your contacts is interacting with your brands digital assets (web visits, submitted forms, opened emails, etc.).


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Unfortunately, no. Our staffing is based on the number of service credits we are contractually bound to provide for any given month. Best bet is to think of the entice service as an employee. If a task does not get completed one month, your employee will not be working for free the next.
Our team will start working on your tasks within 3 to 5 business days based on priority. Completion time varies according to the task. Content / Photography related tasks can take up two 2 weeks.
No. The Entice service credits cannot be used towards any ERP specific services. For these types of tasks, you would need to consult with a Connected Business partner. With that said, Entice service credits can be applied towards ERP training – based on availability and availability is not guaranteed within a particular month.
We offer discounted service credits for those that need more services. We will work with you to come up with a budget for your strategy…

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