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Marketing Automation For Every Stage Of The Customer Lifecycle

From New Customer Acquisition Strategies To Remarketing Campaigns And Cross Product Promotions, An Effective Automated Marketing Strategy Is Essential To Attracting, Converting And Retaining Customers.

Marketing Campaign Automation Lifecycle

Welcome Series Campaigns

A welcome email series is a sequence or series of emails that is automatically sent to a new email subscriber once they sign up for your list. 

This is a critical moment in the customer lifecycle because it's your opportunity to introduce new, interested prospects to your business and product offering. 

With Entice, not only can we setup an engaging welcome series email campaign to welcome new contacts to your brand, but we can also track the viewing behavior of your contacts for follow-up campaigns. 

The best part is that we only need to set up your welcome series once, and the marketing automation process will take it from there...

Exit Popup Convert Visitor

Site Wide Exit Popup

Opt-in Rate: 3.25%

New Visitor Popup

New Visitor Popup

Opt-in Rate: 4.5%

Cart Exit Popup

Cart Exit Popup

Opt-in Rate: 13%

Browsing Strategies

Convert visitors and contacts into buyers with personalized campaigns based on their browsing behavior.

Example Browsing Campaigns Include:

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Follow Up On Contacts Product Browsing Activity

Follow-up with contacts after they visited your site by sending product content and related product recommendations based on the last product they were viewing.

These personalized emails include: 

  1. Name personalization.
  2. Product details.
  3. Product imagery.
  4. Related product recommendations.

Follow Up On Contacts Category Browsing Activity

Follow-up with contacts after they visited your site by sending personalised emails based on the last product category they were viewing.

  1. Category related imagery
  2. Category title text
  3. Category related recommendations

Smarter Cart Abandonment Strategies

Following up on cart abandonment is one of your best opportunities to increase revenue. Entice takes this one step further by allowing you to create personalized abandoned cart campaigns that drive final purcahses

Track Website Activity

With Entice you can go beyond simple email marketing and have Entice record all of your web visitors’ interactions with your website – even before they become a known contact. 

Entice can also take this one step further by adding “tags” to contact based on the pages they visit on your website. 

This allows Entice to create targeted email campaigns based on a contacts' current interest.

  • Track eMail Reading
  • Track Page Hits
  • Track Forms Submitted
  • Send Follow-up eMails to Contacts

Tag Customers Viewing History

Entice allows you to add tags to a contacts based on their purchasing and browsing history. 

This masks it easy to segment your customers and send personalized emails. For example, you may want to add a tag to differentiate b2c and b2b contacts or break down contacts into smaller subgroups.

Tags can also be used to identify the types of products the contact purchases from you as well as other product types the contact is currently viewing.

For greater targeting, tags can be used to trigger automated marketing campaigns, then removed at the end of the campaign.

  • Add Tags Based On Purchases
  • Create Automated "Drip" eMail Campaigns
  • Add Tags Based On Product Categories Viewed
  • Add / Remove Tags During Campaigns

Post-Purchase Strategies

Create enticing post-purchase campaigns that drive repeat sales from your customers.

Example Post-Purchase Campaigns Include:

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Product Upsell / Cross Sell Campaigns

Send customers personalized product recommendations based on their previous purchase.

First Purchase Welcome Series

Welcome first-time buyers to your brand and entice them to make their next purchase.

Rating and Review Campaign

Get real rating and reviews from your customers. Monitor and engage with them.

Replenishment Campaign

Create campaigns to send emails at specific time intervals to encourage the reordering of consumable products.

Retention Strategies

Optimization is the key to generating a high ROI from your campaigns.
Keep your campaigns fresh to keep your contacts engaged.

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Segment Your Contacts To Increase Open and Click Through Rates

Segmenting your contacts allows you to send targeted, personalized emails more effectively to your contacts. Relevance is key to getting contacts to open your emails in todays crowded inboxes.

Add Points Based On Activity

Entice allows you to assign points to a contact depending on how they interact with your brand. 

For example, you can assign points when an email is opened, when links are clicked, forms submitted, or pages are visited. 

Lead scoring is perfect for B2B sellers as it allows you to monitor a prospects interactivity with your brand. 

For example, you may meet a prospect a tradeshow and use lead scoring to prioritize follow up calls.

  • Assign Points Based On Opened eMails
  • Assign Points Based On Links Clicked
  • Assign Points Based On Pages Visited

Retention Campaigns

Retention email campaigns can help you bring back your subscribers from the dead. It can help you reach the people who have abandoned your website and are no longer reading your content.

Unfortunately, no. Our staffing is based on the number of service credits we are contractually bound to provide for any given month. Best bet is to think of the entice service as an employee. If a task does not get completed one month, your employee will not be working for free the next.
Our team will start working on your tasks within 3 to 5 business days based on priority. Completion time varies according to the task. Content / Photography related tasks can take up two 2 weeks.
No. The Entice service credits cannot be used towards any ERP specific services. For these types of tasks, you would need to consult with a Connected Business partner. With that said, Entice service credits can be applied towards ERP training – based on availability and availability is not guaranteed within a particular month.
We offer discounted service credits for those that need more services. We will work with you to come up with a budget for your strategy…

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